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Tourism & Hospitality Category

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Manufacturing & Engineering Category

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Retail Category

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Property & Construction Category

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Family Business Category

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Team of the Year Category

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Unsung Hero Award Category

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Overall Employee of the Year Category

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What Makes an Employee of the Year?

★ Achievements

How has the Employee added value to your organisation?

(e.g.) Financial Rewards, Business Growth, Brand Awareness, Return on Investment, Awards, Training or Qualifications undertaken during period of employment etc.

★ Contribution Beyond Functional, Technical or Specialist Area

How has the Employee contributed to your organisation outside the remit of their current role?

★ Customer Service

How does the Employee respond to issues that arise, how do they ensure exceptional customer service to clients and what impact does this have on the organisation?

★ Strengths

What strengths does the Employee have that make them stand out?

★ Leadership Potential

What changes has the Employee implemented in the workplace and how they impacted on organisation?

★ Final Thoughts

In three words, describe the Employee as a person.

★ Upload

In one PDF document, please include a case study, testimonials or any evidence to support your application.

(Max File Size: 4MB)