Judge's Top Tips

Be Concise: Start with the core facts that make your employee stand out from the rest. Use the word count to demonstrate this through examples of interactions with clients/colleagues.

Be Precise: Quantifiable evidence is useful in measuring the impact an employee makes within your company. Please include figures and definitive numbers where possible i.e. customer satisfaction through feedback and CSR  involvement in the community/charitable sector.

Be succinct: Always prioritise quality over quantity. Keep to the word count to avoid repetition and remove unnecessary words. Please remember to proof read your application before submission.

Be Honest: Maximise impact by detailing what challenges the employee has experienced either in the workplace or personally and how they have dealt with them.

Entries open: Thursday 28th June @ 3pm

Deadline for entries: Friday 17th August @ midnight 

Announcement of shortlisted finalists: Monday 27th August @ 8pm